Driver TurboSpeedKingsTeam STEFANERO

#144 with 62,550 points

#148 #302 #155 Treasure Hunt Streak 15

54 4455 Verified Times 0

Times: 388

Wins: 254 | Losses: 172


Favorite Event: Rockport Turnpike

Not Banned

Last Played: February 19, 2024

Registered: November 12, 2022

Country: Poland

Complete Ironhorse and Coast [A]
Complete Gray Point [A]
Complete Route 55 [B]
Complete Stadium and Chase [E]
Complete Camden and Route 55 [C]
Complete Park Boundary [S]
Complete Heritage Heights
Complete Old Quarter
Complete Hastings
Complete Camden and Seaside
Complete Boardwalk and Bayshore
Complete Ocean and Harbour
Complete Downtown Run
Complete Casino Endurance
Complete Lucky Dice Drift [F]
Complete Skyline Avenue [E]
Complete Condo Row
Complete Agostini Avenue [E]
Complete Breakneck
Complete Arch Rush
Complete Neon Crossroads
Complete Loop
Complete Lunar Circuit
Complete Downturn [A]
Complete Rockport World Loop