Welcome to Overdrive

Overdrive is a SBRW server which features new vehicles, tunes, aftermarket parts, and much more! You can also play custom game modes like Blacklist races, Drift events, or Cops and Robbers!

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How To Play

It's easy to play on Overdrive! Download the launcher, select Overdrive from the launcher menu, then register an account on our server and log in. Don't have the SBRW launcher? Download it below.

Recent Events

CANSERBERO with a time of 1:45.371 on Rosewood and Lyons [B] driving the TOYOTA-MR2
CANSERBERO with a time of 3:21.892 on Blacklist 7 driving the TOYOTA-MR2
CANSERBERO with a time of 0:27.433 on Riverside and Grand Terrace [B] driving the TOYOTA-MR2
Cartman with a time of 2:35.724 on Downtown Challenge driving the MITSUBISHI-LANCER EVOLUTION VIII
JUICEBOX with a time of 16:55.318 on World Loop driving the TOYOTA-SUPRA
PINGO with a time of 2:09.905 on Welcome to Palmont driving the DODGE-CHALLENGER RT
PINGO with a time of 2:49.185 on Lunar Circuit driving the DODGE-CHALLENGER RT
JUICEBOX with a time of 5:44.963 on Rockport World Loop driving the PAGANI-ZONDA F ROADSTER

Donations Keep Overdrive Alive

Feeling generous? We appreciate all support to keep the server running. You may be eligible for Premium status and additional in-game content. But don't worry, players who donate do not have gameplay advantages over other players.