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Recent Times
TEODOR44 | 1:58.684 on Lyons & Hwy 201 driving the ASTON MARTIN-V12 VANTAGE
MORTHY | 0:20.221 on Downturn [A] driving the TOYOTA-MR2
MATITHEMUDKIP | 2:20.034 on Gray Point [A] driving the TOYOTA-SUPRA
MORTHY | 0:22.637 on Hwy 142 [A] driving the TOYOTA-MR2
MORTHY | 1:48.085 on Chinatown Delivery Reverse 08 driving the TOYOTA-MR2
TEODOR44 | 3:18.718 on Camden Pursuit driving the AUDI-S5
MORTHY | 1:27.618 on Old Quarter Reverse 04 driving the TOYOTA-MR2
TEODOR44 | 2:18.607 on Rosewood Raid driving the AUDI-S5
MATITHEMUDKIP | 1:32.976 on Chancellor & Campus [A] driving the NISSAN-SKYLINE GT-R V-SPEC R34
901S40 | 1:57.313 on Clubhouse & Hollis [C] driving the FORD-POLICE INTERCEPTOR
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NFSRanks offers leaderboard statistics for all events on the Overdrive server. Drivers are ranked based on their Sprint, Circuit, and Drag scores.