TurboSpeedKingsTeam Chulainn

#20 with 153,360 points

#26 #13 #113 Treasure Hunt Streak 737

75 6140 Verified Times 0

Times: 930

Wins: 547 | Losses: 332

Favorite Car: BMW-NAZCA C2 '93

Favorite Event: Overdrive Raceway

Not Banned

Last Played: June 16, 2024

Registered: November 12, 2021

Country: Japan

Discord:  db92112

Complete College Mall [S]
Complete Heritage and Campus
Complete Hwy 99 and State [E]
Complete Rosewood Central
Complete Starlight Street [C]
Complete Riverside and Grand Terrace [B]
Complete Rosewood and Heritage [E]
Complete Valley and State
Complete Riverside and Terrace [D]
Complete Arch Rush
Complete Tram Underpass
Complete Hwy 142 [A]
Complete Gridlock [C]
Complete Skirmish
Complete Hwy 99 and State Reverse 05