No Motto ZEEK

#977 with 11,475 points

#1208 #432 #1184 Treasure Hunt Streak 1

36 1125 Verified Times 0

Times: 56

Wins: 37 | Losses: 10

Favorite Car: MAZDA RX-8 2006 "IZZY"

Favorite Event: Rosewood and Heritage [E]

Not Banned

Last Played: July 10, 2024

Registered: July 5, 2024

Complete Campus Interchange [S]
Complete Country Club [A]
Complete Ironhorse and Coast [A]
Complete Gray Point [A]
Complete Route 55 [B]
Complete Stadium and Chase [E]
Complete Camden and Route 55 [C]
Complete North Bay and Harbour
Complete Park Boundary [S]
Complete Union and Hollis
Complete Heritage Heights
Complete Stadium and Hwy 99 [S]
Complete Old Quarter
Complete Silverton Way [B]
Complete Eagle Drive [C]
Complete Downtown Challenge
Complete Blackwell Bridge [D]
Complete Hastings
Complete Riverside and Grand Terrace [B]
Complete Seaside Interchange
Complete Camden and Seaside
Complete Boardwalk and Bayshore
Complete Riverside and Terrace [D]
Complete Interchange and Bond
Complete Ocean and Harbour
Complete Downtown Run
Complete Casino Endurance
Complete Highway 142
Complete Garden Hills Drift [F]
Complete Lucky Dice Drift [F]
Complete Palmont Museum Drift [F]
Complete University Way [C]
Complete Skyline Avenue [E]
Complete Condo Row
Complete Agostini Avenue [E]
Complete Waterfront Road [D]
Complete Petersburg Dam
Complete Ghostwood
Complete Backwood Split
Complete Breakneck
Complete Speed Fair
Complete Rockport Turnpike
Complete Arch Rush
Complete Neon Crossroads
Complete Chinatown Showdown
Complete Tram Underpass
Complete Breaking Point
Complete Burrows
Complete Hwy 142 [A]
Complete Gridlock [C]
Complete Skirmish
Complete Runway [S]
Complete Loop
Complete Lunar Circuit
Complete Downturn [A]
Complete Blacklist 13
Complete Blacklist 11
Complete Blacklist 10
Complete Blacklist 9
Complete Blacklist 8
Complete Blacklist 7
Complete Blacklist 6
Complete Blacklist 5
Complete Sewer and Hwy 142 [B]