Favourite Sports: Barebacking Police Officers METHAMORIAZ GUSTAV HANKS

#60 with 97,150 points

#94 #65 #72 Treasure Hunt Streak 52

75 3760 Verified Times 0

Times: 717

Wins: 448 | Losses: 124

Favorite Car: HUMMER-H1 ALPHA TE

Favorite Event: Colossal Heist Escape [E]

Not Banned

Last Played: February 19, 2024

Registered: July 28, 2022

Complete Heritage and Diamond [S]
Complete College Mall [S]
Complete Heritage and Campus
Complete Lincoln Boulevard
Complete Lions Challenge
Complete Valley and State
Complete Robinson Bay [S]
Complete Kempton Time Trial [E]
Complete Hwy 99 and State Reverse 05
Complete World Loop