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#15 with 174,300 points

#17 #16 #24 Treasure Hunt Streak 101

71 7015 Verified Times 13

Times: 3114

Wins: 2803 | Losses: 115

Favorite Car: JAGUAR-XKR

Favorite Event: Burrows

Not Banned

Last Played: February 27, 2024

Registered: August 8, 2021

Country: Poland

Discord:  biernackiboss

Complete State and Warrent [D]
Complete Lucky Towers [E]
Complete Rosewood and Heritage [E]
Complete Riverside and Terrace [D]
Complete Financial District [D]
Complete Garden Hills Drift [F]
Complete Lucky Dice Drift [F]
Complete Palmont Museum Drift [F]
Complete Kempton Time Trial [E]
Complete Blacklist 15
Complete World Loop