I wanna have all traffic cars, am i weird now? Claw Claoo LvL75speedrun


#69 with 93,130 points

#80 #47 #189 Treasure Hunt Streak 15

75 2720 Verified Times 7

Times: 385

Wins: 282 | Losses: 40


Favorite Event: Colossal Heist Escape [E]

Not Banned

Last Played: May 15, 2024

Registered: October 1, 2022

Country: Germany

Discord:  claoo

Complete Boundary and Marina [A]
Complete College Mall [S]
Complete Heritage and Campus
Complete Rosewood Central
Complete Garden Boulevard
Complete Riverside and Grand Terrace [B]
Complete Camden and Seaside
Complete Boardwalk and Bayshore
Complete Lions Challenge
Complete Ocean and Harbour
Complete Downtown Circuit
Complete Casino Endurance
Complete Highway 142
Complete Garden Hills Drift [F]
Complete Robinson Bay [S]
Complete Kempton Time Trial [E]
Complete Breakneck
Complete Speed Fair
Complete Arch Rush
Complete Neon Crossroads
Complete Chinatown Showdown
Complete Breaking Point
Complete Hwy 142 [A]
Complete Gridlock [C]
Complete Skirmish
Complete Runway [S]
Complete Loop
Complete Downturn [A]
Complete Welcome to Palmont Reverse 03
Complete Blacklist 10
Complete Blacklist 8
Complete Blacklist 3
Complete Rockport World Loop
Complete World Loop